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STEAM Opportunities for Fairfax County Youth

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2024 12:10 PM

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Information for Families

STEM is everywhere. Your local library may have free STEAM classes for children. Many parks offer natural science and other STEAM activities. Enroll your kids in fun activities and watch their interest grow. For more information, use the STEAM map to find activities to share with your child.

Get your child involved in 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorer Clubs, or Boys and Girls clubs that can develop a child’s interest in STEAM fields. Take advantage of informal learning opportunities such as museums, science centers, planetariums, aquariums and zoos. We live in an area that has excellent selection of informal learning opportunities and programs.

Laying a strong foundation for learning in young children is important to their growth and development. Parents can be the best source of STEAM learning for their children by instilling a passion for exploration and discovery in the world around them. This booklet from Fairfax Futures can help. For more information, use the STEAM map to find activities at libraries and parks to share with your young child.

Yes! There are 16 neighborhood technology centers located around Fairfax County. They offer free activities and are open to the public. To find the closest center, type your address into the Find STEAM Programs widget on the STEAM map.

Also, call your child’s school. Many Fairfax County Public Schools have extensive STEM/STEAM classes, clubs and activities. Many are free.

Every listing on the STEAM map has a contact email or phone number and a link to the website. Those are the preferred ways to learn more and to make direct contact with the offering organization.

There are hundreds of different types of STEAM summer camps in Fairfax County. Click on the Find Opportunities tab to review a selection of the current camps offered by Neighborhood and Community Services, the Fairfax County Park Authority, colleges and universities, Fairfax County Public Schools and the Children’s Science Lab.

STEAM Careers

About STEAM Career Resources

Nearly every job in the future is likely to require some level of skill in science, technology, engineering and math. By seeking out opportunities for learning through the integration of engineering and technology with mathematics and science, children and youth will develop skills that are critical to their future success. This includes the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and drive innovation and advancements in science and technology. STEAM is not just about robots, drones and apps; it’s about being ready for a career and life.

There are many ways to enter a STEAM career:


It’s easy! Contact Us to learn the steps that will lead to your quality, recurring programs being added to the STEM map. Please read the inclusion guidelines used to qualify organizations to be added to the map.
Contact Us to submit your STEAM event. Please read the calendar guidelines used to qualify events to be added to the calendar.
Contact Us to learn more about how your nonprofit, business or other organization can partner with us to advance STEM in Fairfax County.
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